Summertime always brings out the best salads!  here is one I made this week…it is real simple:

Tasty ingredients for a summer salad

A handful of almonds

Handful of Craisins

Handful of Feta

A stalk or two of Celerey

Two pears  (I only had Bartlets available)

A plateful of lettuce (My friend Roni brought some of her Garden Fresh!)

Sprinkle with your dressing of choice….but this is really tasty and shouldn’t need more than the natural flavors already in the salad.

BBQ Bacon and Chicken for a tasty summer salad

By now you have a full, well-rounded meal.  Well, my family of beastly carnivores demands a little more from a plate of salad so I added BBQ Bacon and chicken.  I apologize for the images but they came from my phone…

Also, you can layer the ingredients or mix them all together.  My brood usually likes them already tossed together.  Also, when they are tossed together I have noticed we have less waste since we end up putting the leftovers onto bread the next day for a tasty lunch!

Final mix of Pear, Feta, Chicken, Bacon, Almonds, and Craisins