would love to have your input anytime on advise, trends, products, and services about your business within NCW.   In order to maintain the integrity of the website, we don’t want  a sales pitch to the readers, rather insightful and entertaining content that  is useful and fun for audience to read and relate to.  Such as makeup and hair trends if you are in the beauty industry, or “how to add color to your beige room” if you are in the home goods industry, and so on.

Please be advised, we may not be able to post everything that comes thru.  It all depends on the relevancy of your post and your message.

If you are interested in a dedicated post to readers about your products, service, event or business we do have very good rates to help you get the message out to the masses.   We can turn it into an article and spotlight just your business.  Add blocks are also available and can be shown on all website pages.  I’d be happy to help you with advertising options.

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