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15 Mar

Should’ve knocked harder….

So last week a couple of gal pals & I were warming by the fire at Tastebuds. 2 of them were reminiscing about already having strep run thru their families. My other friend's family has had another crud, but she only got a cough. My daughter has only had the I knocked on wood and was thinking how fortunate I was that we've had nothing more. Well, I should have knocked harder. She's still well enough to jump on the bed and run around making more chaos out of chaos....but has a gnarly cough and the sniffles. The rest of us are forcing our fluids and using some of these easy home homeopathic remedies to help us thru this season of colds and other crud. Justine's Chicago Cold Remedy - my roomie in College hails from Evanston, IL (just N of Chicago). She & I were visiting her mom and I got a cold....this is what she made for me and it worked - in my bag of tricks ever since: