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05 Nov

Not done outside yet

Okay, so we had a very early killing frost this year. BUT, if you are lucky enough to have some of your hardier plants survive there are still some things you can do to extend your season even longer: * Until the top part of the ground is frozen, you can still transplant some plants to pots to bring into your garage or house to eek out a little more freshness * You can even plant new plants until the upper part is frozen. * Plant bulbs. * Plant onion seed, garlic, early greens and flower seed. * If your Jack-O-Lanterns aren't too singed (and they are the edible type) you can cook up your pumpkin for baking and souping. Just cook until tender, puree and freeze. * LEAVES MAY SEEM LIKE A PAIN BUT REALLY, THEY ARE WONDERFUL! THINGS TO DO WITH LEAVES:
03 Nov

Referendum 71

So here’s the question:  when someone signs a petition, should it be available to the public?  That is the question the courts have to decide.  As of today, the courts have already made the “legal” decision, but my question to you the reader is:  what do you think?  When you sign a petition should your name be made public?  Give me your thoughts on this subject.  Above all-VOTE today if you haven’t already done so.
01 Oct

REALLY Earn Your Mardi Gras Beads!!!!!

Monday I earned my 4th pair of Mardi Gras Beads. No trip to New Orleans; no pretending that it's Fat Tuesday, nor did I do anything that I had to shamefully admit to my husband. I merely walked down to 820 N. Chelan, let "Selenia" (the mammogram machine) work her magic & Voila! I earned my beads & did something good for myself at the same time!
03 Sep

Jammin & Fall garden tips

I realize not everyone has a full size freezer, but making freezer jam is SO VERY EASY that I don't (hardly ever) pull any hair out when making it with my kids: All you need is fruit, sugar, pectin and jars. No stove, no canner....just those simple items.
01 Sep

First day of School-Kate

Do you remember your first day of school?  I don’t.  Five years old is way too long ago for me to remember what I wore, if I was nervous, if I cried.  I don’t remember MY first day of school, but I DO remember my oldest child’s first day of school.  This article is to share that experience with you and invite you to share your memories with us here at